Five Fright Night Favourites

Happy Halloween! I'm pleased to say that the best holiday is upon us. We've been doing a little pumpkin carving this morning to keep them ghosties at bay. Can you guess which one is mine? As you can see we also came across a super realistic live bat out in the garden today... 
I'll be out to see Catfish and the Bottleman tonight but if I didn't have tickets I'd be having a good old fright night. Plenty of snacks and scary movies. If you happen to be doing just that tonight and are stuck for a little inspiration here's a few of my favourites.

1. The Descent 2005 I only watched this one recently even though it's been out a while. All about a group of women who get hunted through an underground cave network and are picked off one by one by those who lurk there. Pretty gory stuff!
2. Carrie 1976 As with with most horror films, the original is always the best! The Wicker Man, The Omen and Carrie... Carrie is an unpopular teen with telekinetic powers. Her life is made miserable by everyone around her until one day she loses control. 
3. Creep 2004 A woman gets trapped in the London underground overnight and soon finds out she's not alone. I find this so incredibly creepy which is kinda the point...
4. The Conjuring 2013 Haunted house films are my favourite! The Conjuring is all about a family in their possessed farm house. I prefer it over other recent horror movies like Insidious and The Cabin in the Woods. 
5. American Horror Story 2011- If all else fails why not opt for an AHS marathon? My top seasons are Murder House and Asylum but Hotel is shaping up to be pretty awful too...

What are your Halloween recommendations? 

Much Love xxx