Date Night at Lane 7

I've finally (and sadly) made my return to Scotland. Despite feeling the need to spend the whole weekend crying into my quilt (noooooo I don't want to go back to work on Monday!) and mourn the loss of my time in Newcastle, I will get some time to catch up on blogging. And tell you all about a few of my adventures back home. 
One of our adventures happens to be our date night of bowling at Lane 7. Now I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've only ever popped into Lane 7 for a drink. There was a big fuss about Newcastle's first boutique bowling alley opening (I got that bit off their website) but I just never got round to giving it a try. 
We paid £6 each for a game and then an extra fiver for a rematch as I had just been er warming up... I did win in the end honest. There's just no photographic evidence to prove it! Anyway I thought the price was pretty reasonable for an evening's entertainment and the drinks were pretty good too. There's also loads of other things to have a go at if you're not into bowling- a restaurant, pool and beer pong which is pretty awesome in an American college sort of way! 

Much Love xxx


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