A Few Days In Edinburgh

Last weekend we headed South for a few days away. I read a lot of blogs where bloggers write that they've never been to Scotland or they've never even thought about visiting Edinburgh. I think so many people are missing out, it really is one of the prettiest UK cities.

Dakota Edinburgh 
We stayed at the Dakota just outside of Edinburgh in South Queensferry. James had stayed here before and was really keen to take me there. The reception and restaurant looked really cool, although we went into Edinburgh for dinner so we didn't give it a try. I really liked the decor in our room and the 'atmospheric' mood lighting. We also had a beautiful view of the Forth Bridge!

We took the train into central Edinburgh for the evening. There's actually a Boozy Cow in Aberdeen but neither of us had tried it so we decided to give it a go. It was super busy as it was a Friday night and we got some cocktails while we waited. They're served in old tins and came with flying saucers and lollies- points for sweetie usage! I went for the veggie macaroni burger and sweet potato fries which were so good. James went for a macaroni waffle topped with chilli- sounds a bit strange but he really liked it. 

They also had inspirational quotes spray painted on the cubicle doors in the toilets. I probably looked slightly insane taking photos in the toilet- but you know sorry not sorry. 

The waitress advised us to go to this little bar just off Princes Street. Hoot The Redeemer is just a short trip down a flight of stairs and through a hidden door with a fortune teller guarding it - yes really! It's a pretty cool little bar and you can create your own cocktail using the lucky dip claw machine. You pick your flavour- we got two raspberry and two ginger. Then you go to the bar and tell them what sort of drink you like and they'll make something up. I loved this idea and it made a change from just picking from the menu. 

Brunch the next morning involved coffee and Eggs Royale from Brown's. One of my favourites! You can also see that we started using my new lens- it gets some pretty awesome close ups but I'm still needing to work on using it. 

We finished our trip with cupcakes from Bibi's. I'd really recommend a trip to this place if you're ever in the city. They do amazing cupcakes or macaroons if that's what you prefer!

Have you ever visited Edinburgh? Let me know what you thought. 

Much Love xxx