Life Lately // Five Friday Favourites


I don't know if you may have noticed but my blogging has been a little sporadic lately. I'm keen to get back to regular posting and continue to work on my blog but until then I wanted to have a little catch up on general life. 
I recently started a new job which has been both very exciting and very tiring; it's strange becoming accustomed to working hard everyday after being in a slow paced environment for so long. Generally, I'm really enjoying getting the chance to work with brands I'm interested in. 
I'm also super duper excited to be moving into my new flat on Tuesday. My housing situation has kind of been up in the air for the last few months- note: this does not help organise a blog or well anything really! So it feels amazing that I've finally found somewhere suitable that I can just relax in and get my fairy lights up obvs...
So I expect to be back to 'normal' blogging soon which is good because I like it and stuff- you know! And for now a few of my favourites this week.

1. My adult colouring book. Because basically I'm still just a little girl who likes to colour things in but now I can stay in the lines (mostly). I bought the Secret Garden colouring book which also gives you little drawing activities throughout. That was such a bonus as drawing is one of my favourite things too.  
2. The Shake Shack. I went there for lunch when I was in London last week. It was packed to the brim but completely worth the wait and the crowds of people. We actually ate it sitting on the pavement outside and it was still awesome. 
3. Actually just London in general. I feel like I had forgotten how much I love the place. My recent trip made me long for a life in the capital. .. or just a big city to be honest. So watch this space, I never know where life might take me next. 
4. Sunbeam Jess. My favourite YouTuber of the moment. Only problem is I end up with major wardrobe envy every single time I watch one of her videos. Le sigh... 
5. These Aldo sunglasses. Ok, they're not much use now that I'm back in Aberdeen. But they were fun while they lasted. And who said wearing cat eye sunglasses in the pouring rain was strictly not ok?? 

What are your current favourites? 

Much Love xxx 

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