1. New Adidas Stan Smith trainers
2. Outfit post, featuring my teddy bear coat
3. Tynemouth beach at home in the North East
4. Orange hot chocolate in Tynemouth Surf cafe

1. Sunny selfie
2. Cocktails at Jalou in Newcastle city centre
3. Olivia Burton watch bought with my belated Christmas money
4. Outfit post wearing my new Stan Smiths

1. Wagamama starters
2. Wagamam chilli chicken ramen 
3. Make up look wearing Nars Jungle red lipstick 
4. My cat Phoebe posing 

It's good to be back after a few days holiday! I wanted to take a break from the blogosphere as I was visiting friends and family and just didn't have enough time to fit everything in. I've tried to get some outfit photos together but I'm just not feeling them now... I'm sure everyone else has felt that from time to time?
One thing I do really like is Instagram blog posts, they're kind of like little picture diaries. I've had a pretty successful week on my Instagram with being off work- I'm not nearly as good at it usually! Maybe monthly recaps would work better...
Much Love xxx 

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