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//Zoeva Classic Eye Brush Set // 

Hi Lovelies! Today I'd like to discuss something I've been meaning to post about for weeks and weeks. That something is Zoeva brushes. I purchased the Zoeva classic eye brush set a while back when I was actually meaning to just buy  a few blending brushes. I thought I'd check them out because they're mentioned ALOT by certain Youtubers (I think we can all name a few...).
This set was very reasonably priced and worked out at about £35 including postage from Germany which really ain't bad. It comes with a rather handy bag which I use for transporting them about mostly as I actually store my brushes in old Yankee jars at home- thrifty! I really love the brow brush to a point where I'm not 100% sure how I managed my brows without it. I'm also a massive fan of the shaders/ definers- they're just so so soft. The only one I can't really comment on yet is the fine liner as I haven't been big on my gel liners lately... really not like me. But I'm sure I'd get along just fine with it.
There's so many different brush sets on the website so I'll probably invest in the face set too. Also if anyone has tried their make up let me know your thoughts as I'd be interested to give it a go! 
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