Illamasqua sale buys

// Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic/ Liquid Metal in Solstice// 

Firstly can I please take this opportunity to apologise for the quality of these images? They're taken on my iPhone as I'm having some real issues with my camera and it's hatred for working in winter daylight. I actually feel like throwing it from the top on my block of flats and I know when I turn to violence it's time to step away from the situation. Seriously though, it might have to go the distance.... Favourite blogging cameras anyone???
I did a little sale shopping at Illamasqua and wanted to share these two products with you- I managed to get a really good deal on both. It's hard to explain just how amazing the gloss looks on but you can check it out on the website link above if you're interested. It gives a really intense look and is that sort of brown toned wine colour which is very 90s and 'in' right now. I haven't tried Liquid Metal eyeshadow on my face yet but based on my swatches it's very pigmented and silky. I think it's going to give a very dramatic effect but as it's a cream shadow there's always the problem that it may crease. I'll do a make up look using these at some point too. 
Much Love xxx 

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