i'll be happy making my mistakes

// Jumper- Primark/ T shirt- Republic (old)/ Faux leather trousers- H&M (similar) / Boots- New Look/ Sunglasses- Topshop//

I'm aware that these photos are a bit rubbish. We took them just as my camera was taking it's last breath(s) so they are kind of rushed. I do however love this khaki jumper- I've been searching for one I like for ages and where should I come across one but Primark. I was actually on the hunt for one of their hideously over the top Christmas jumpers but alas they didn't have the one I wanted so I guess this will have to do. I always really want to wear my leather trousers more often but the fly falls down so I think I need to invest in some that don't have this issue. 
Hope you're having a lovely evening! Much Love xxx
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