fuck forever

// Jumper- Asos (now on sale)/ Skirt- Topshop/ Boots- Primark/Choker- Ebay// 

I bought this skirt mostly by default. It's part of my NYE outfit but I originally bought a gold dress with a very low front I had in my wishlist a few posts back. As it transpired, I don't have the boobs to fill it and it looked ridiculous. I found this skirt in and told myself I could only buy it if I was going to wear it again. That's when I had an epiphany and decided I could wear it with my favourite tramp jumper. Anyway it looks really vintage and I love that, I feel kind of glam rock.  If you're wondering about the title of my post I'm listening to the Babyshambles as a backing track I'm not just REALLY angry and sweary. 
What are you up to for New Years? Let me know! 
Much Love and all the best for 2015 xxx
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