flannel lovin'

//Flannel shirt- ASOS Man (old)/ T shirt- Only @ ASOS/ OTK Boots- Stone Fox/ Hat- Old//

Hey Everyone! It's nearly Christmas!! I hope you're all as excited as I am!!!
As I've probably already mentioned I went home for the weekend and was given my presents from my family. My Mam also made Christmas dinner for us which was so lovely of her to go to that effort twice (I hope you're reading this Mam!). My brothers got me these perfect OTK boots and as there's a lovely stretch of wall around the side of our house (fellow bloggers will know how much of  a treat this is) I got a few outfit photos. Honestly I wasn't 100% sure about these boots when they arrived as I was sort of thinking well what's to keep them up on my skinny little legs? But I did test drive them around the house for a day and they stay up fine. They also make me look as tall as a normal person AND like I'm in some sort of 60s cross 90s time warp eg. the best kind of time warp. 
Also I have a confession to make I borrowed this shirt from my brother and brought it back to Scotland.... sorry....
Merry Christmas! Much Love xxx
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