// Coat-Topshop/ Jumper- Asos/ Jeans- Zara/ Trainers- Nike//

Hey Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. It's my favourite holiday and I'm pretty sad its over. But I am looking forward to Bonfire Night which is also pretty awesome.  
Now (sometimes) on special occasions I visit the great British countryside. On this particular day we went to visit Chris's mam, who lives in a little village in Northumberland. I think I must have looked pretty crazy to the neighbours who were laughing at us taking these photos. We also found this strange sign which seems to suggest dangerous children... I don't know.. 
Anyway I do love a mannish overcoat with some running trainers; it adds an air of unattractiveness to my outfit. And yes I know I need to stop wearing these jeans as they're close to death but they're just so darn comfy! This week I learnt that you're recommended to wash your jeans every three months- maybe that's where I'm going wrong. 
Have a lovely weekend! Eleanor xxx
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