MAC Sized to Go Lipglass

Hey Guys! I thought I'd do a little post on MAC's Sized to Go Lipglass. Mostly because I am really NOT a lipgloss girl but decided to give it a little go as they were doing mini (sample?) sizes in my local store. I was spending a very well chosen birthday gift card. I also bought a Matte Lipstick in Heroine which is a really gorgeous purple- I remember going to buy it ages ago but it was sold out!
Anyway as I was clearly in a purple mood I bought this little Lipglass in shade Rebel. I didn't expect a gloss to be so pigmented; I'm actually wearing it without any base colour in the photo above. I think that I personally would wear it over a lipstick in future as I do really like a stand out lip. I didn't actually go out in this look so I can't be sure how long it would stay on for in reality. However I will say that I did have trouble removing it so that's a good sign. I do really love the glassy finish it gives. I guess it's much easier to apply than a lipstick when on the move. 
I'm still not convinced I'm a lipgloss person and it does bring back distant memories of my hair getting stuck to my lips in the windy playground as a teenager. I have learnt that I will be giving more mini sized products a go though-because why not? And the colour is gorgeous!  
Also can I just express my undying love for my new Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush? I've used it on my liner above and have never come across anything so precise- I'm completely smitten. 
Please let me know any recent product recommendations as usual! Much Love xxx
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