scary death make up

Hey Lovelies! Just a little pre-Halloween horror. Chris let me do this to his face, surprisingly willingly. Although everything went horribly down hill when he discovered how hard it is to remove gel liner from his stubble.... 
I used a variety of eyeliner for this look as the face paints I bought just don't cut it. I drew the design using my Bourjois felt tip liner and then filled it in with Loreal gel liner. The shaded bits were done using a kohl pencil blended with a flat eyeshadow brush. The only face paint I've used was the Grimas white face paint I bought, which has been used to highlight. Although I think if you were pale enough anyway or wearing a very white base that might not be necessary. I also had to deliberately avoid his eyes as he was getting fidgety. 
I hope you're as excited as me for Halloween! 
Love Eleanor xxx 
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