flannel love

//Jacket- Topshop (similar)/Dress- Mango/ Shirt- Selected Homme/ Shoes-Topshop//

Hey Guys, I was going to get round to this post earlier but I've had some sad news this week and I just haven't been feeling it. One of my friends actually lost her fight to cancer and I think everyone who knew her is just feeling really awful. I'm not really good at putting these things into words so sorry for the awkwardness. 
I wore this outfit last weekend as we had a few final days of summer. My shirt is stolen from Chris and has a really grungy 90s vibe. I really love a man's flannel shirt, they're so soft and comfy and slubby (that's a word right?) . I spent many days commandeering them from my brother's wardrobe when I lived at home! 
So were off to Edinburgh tomorrow to visit Chris's dad, it's a city I really love and I'll try to blog it! Also I'm going to be living alone for 5 weeks and I'll probably end up with a lot more beauty posts in the coming weeks as my photographer is in Glasgow. Just a prior warning. 
Much love Eleanor xxx
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Also this is my cat!

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