birthday lunch

Hey Guys! I've been a bit rubbish at blogging these past few days. It was my birthday on Friday so I had a busy weekend and then my laptop broke so I'm writing this from Chris's computer right now. My laptop will be back in a few days and I'll reply to comments and stuff then as it's kind of hard to get through everything from someone else's computer. I always take a look at any blog links you leave me so please feel free to keep doing that! 
Anyway back to the stuff at hand! 
I became very old on Friday and so my Mam took us all out for lunch at a gorgeous little place in Newcastle called the Herb Garden. It's built underneath the railway and you can hear the trains going overhead which is cool. They also grow their own herbs in little pods as you can see above. I love the huge quantity of lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The food is really good; we ordered quite a selection. I would highly recommend it if you're in the North East area at any point- it's good for dinner too! 
I've also uploaded some (really huge) photos of my Birthday outfit which is a winter variation of a look I wore this Summer. You can take a peek HERE. I like both looks- it's nice when an outfit is versatile like that. 
Speak soon! Much Love xxx
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