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// Blusher- Topshop//

Hey Lovelies! Just a quick one. I've been wanting to do a post on this for a while as I've been really loving this product recently. I thought I'd try a cream blush a while back, I'm usually a powder girl but this one is great. As it was a bit of an impulse buy I went for a colour I wouldn't usually try too, this is shade 'HEAD OVER HEELS' and its kind of peachy. I'm used to using rosey tones against my pale face and dark hair but I do love this colour on my skin. I'm also a fan of Topshop's packaging for their make up, it's definitely got a youthful vibe without looking too cheap. Mines a little scruffy from being in my make up bag but you get the idea. It also comes with a handy mirror which is always a bonus. 

My only criticism is it doesn't last as long as powder blushes which usually stay put all day. Is this true for all cream types? I haven't given a better quality one a go so I'm not sure myself. But for £7 it's not bad!  Have you tried cream blushes? Any recommendations

I'm off to try and get a view of the Northern Lights this evening- one of the few benefits of living this far north! It is really cloudy though so who knows... Have a lovely evening!
Eleanor xxx 

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