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// Lipstick- Topshop//

Hey Everyone! I've been meaning to blog about this lipstick for a while but it just never materialised. I'll be honest... I was never a fan of bright red lips- sorry. It's just well not so long ago everyone, literally everyone (almost) was wearing MAC's Russian Red. It was a classic lip, I do get it! But some it just didn't suit. I convinced myself I couldn't pull off that shade either so I stayed away from red lippy. Recently on one of my (many) shopping trips I thought: 'Hey Topshop make up is very reasonably priced and I don't see a lot of bright red lips these days I guess I'll buy myself a wee tester.' (Apologies for the Scottish, it just seems to be catching!)  I actually intended to buy the shade Infrared but they only had the tester left so I went for the slightly less orangey Rio Rio. Yes I did base my choice on the lipstick's name due to the fact that I realllllly want to visit South America. But hey it all worked out ok! I do love the shade and will be investing in something similar of a better quality when I get round to it- maybe even Russian Red, who can say? As always the pigment of Topshop make up is great but it just doesn't last me very long. Great for £8 though! What do you think of bright red lippy? Let me know. 

Have an amazing day! Much Love xxx

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