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//Coat- Topshop (old)/ Sweatshirt- Primark/ Skirt- Asos (sold out)/ Trainers- Nike (JD Sports)/ Bag -Asos (sold out)//

Hey Guys! Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of links, the only product I can still find is my Nike Air Force 1s and well they're children's so no good to anyone with adult sized feet... I think there's an H&M coat that'd fairly similar to mine, which is available HERE. And only £39.99! Any how I'm starting to feel like I have my interest in fashion back (thanks blog!) so that's why I'm dressed a little unattractively. Can I just point out how much I love my trainers too- I'm a Nike obsessive so they're one of my many pairs of babies. You can see me and Chris coordinated too, which wasn't on purpose honest.., 
We took these photos on a little Sunday day trip to Stonehaven which has such a pretty harbour and an ice cream shop called Aunt Betty's which is just immense. I can't even describe! But there is a picture of their creations on my Instagram. That's HERE if you want to see. 
Have a great day! Much Love Eleanor xxx
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