grungy kohl liner

Hey I'm happy!

Clockwise from top left: Jill Stuart S/S 14,  Max Azria S/S 13, Versace S/S 14 and Lanvin S/S 13. 

Good Evening! I'm so happy it's the weekend... really REALLY happy! Now I'm going to be honest I haven't worn much kohl eyeliner since I thought I was an indie rock chic back in sixth form (oh the skinny jeans!) The pencil I used is indiscriminate due to the fact that it has had all branding rubbed off. It does come with a very handy sharpener lid (see above)  and I THINK I may have got it free from a magazine? If you can come to any conclusions of what brand it may be based on this description please let me know in the comments! So yeah told you I didn't use pencil eyeliner much... I do remember the Rimmel one being a favourite of mine back in the day oh and Benefit Bad Gal. 
I think I may give this look more of a chance more often though, I do actually feel like a rock star and it's simpler to achieve than my usual cat eye! Something I've learnt is this sort of eyeliner really does go along way when you start blending- this may have been a useful tip for my teenage self! 
I'm not really feeling doing close up make up faces anymore if I'm honest, right now I feel very exposed with these shots and am wondering why oh why why did I not airbrush out my mustache... vanity. I'm also not feeling any of my eyebrow products right now so if anyone could recommend any good ones I would be grateful! 

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Much Love! Eleanor xxx

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