mermaid princess make up look

Hey Everyone!

So it's a little late but I've just been hanging around the house tonight slowly creating a blog post as I know I won't be doing any blogging this weekend. One of my besties is coming up to stay so I'm really excited and will most likely be too preoccupied to do anything productive. 

I've been wanting to do a turquoise smoky eye for a while and I happened upon this Bourjois  palette up when I was in Boots last week. I know I won't wear these colours very often in reality but it was on 3 for 2 and so only cost me about £4. I also spent £10 on bindis and face jewels from Claire's Accessories (well worth the money- I don't care what anyone says!). So I was able to create an aqua princess look. 

The eyeshadow was pretty awful if I'm honest. I wasn't massively disappointed as my expectations are never too high for 'drugstore' products anyway.When I opened it I was impressed that it came with a liner, but it just slides off the skin as does the powder. It also irritated my eyes so much I started crying! So if you're on a high street/ drug store budget I would say try a different product. 

Let me know what you think of the bindi trend- personally I'm loving it obviously! 

Goodnight! Love Eleanor xxx

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