five beauty repurchases

1. Fake Bake 60 minute tan

I'm not a huge fake wearer. As my skin is so pale to start with it always comes out a strange yellowy orange colour on me. My friend Anna brought this 60 minute tan to my house when she visited and left it here as she didn't find the colour deep enough. I have noticed it has really mixed reviews; for me it makes my skin look skin kissed but not orange. And it takes 60 minutes to develop making life really easy! It does absorb instantly so it can be a little difficult to see where you're applying it. Despite that, I'll definitely buy this when it runs out.  

2. Argan Oil Hair Treatment

This product was recommended to me by a hairdresser- which is always a good start. I'm currently trying to grow my hair and for a long time it was really badly damaged. I really can't praise this treatment enough for improving my hair. I use a few pumps on wet hair and leave it to dry but I know Argan Oil has various application methods so I guess you can use it however you prefer. I noticed some reviews on the Boots website claiming £12.99 was pricey for a hair treatment but I disagree. I actually think it's really good value. 

3. Hugo Boss Orange Woman

I've loved this perfume for years and years! I recently bought a big bottle of it in the airport so it can go on the list. The scent is kind of floral and fruity, which is just the sort of thing I like in a perfume. Definitely an old favourite. 

4. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder 

I use this pretty much everyday as I get such a shiny face within about 2 hours of leaving the house. It doesn't make my skin look too matt or powdery, it just leaves a really perfect finish. I also love how it doesn't dry out my skin- something I've had trouble with. Although I use it everyday, it lasts well and as I now get my store discount on MAC products is really good value. I was using shade NC15 for years but last time I went to repurchase I was recommended to go lighter. NC5 does look a lot better on my skin so I'm happy. 

5. Benefit they're real! Mascara

As a teenager I loved Benefit's Bad Gal mascara. I think it was my first make up buy which wasn't Rimmel or Barry M. When they released they're real! I was so excited to try it. Recently I've been experimenting with brands and have found other mascaras I really like but I came back to this and remembered how much I loved it. It does give the illusion of false lashes; I'm a fan of stand out lashes so that's perfect. I actually forgot how long it lasted- it just does not budge! I sometimes have to use a lot of make up remover which maybe isn't a good thing but is testament to it's staying power. 

Hope you enjoyed this! I would like to do more top 5 beauty product lists so let me know your thoughts. What are your beauty favourites?  
Happy Thursday! Love Eleanor xxx 

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