Ellie Goulding// Glamour Magazine inspired make up

Hey Everyone!

After a conversation with one of my besties last weekend regarding our love for pink eyeshadow, I decided to give this look a try. I also read the latest issue of Glamour magazine last weekend featuring Ellie Goulding (above) which is maybe how the conversation came about... I forget if I'm honest...

I would have liked to use a cream eyeshadow (if I owned one) but my friend had also suggested using the same blush on your eyes as your cheeks so I've used my everyday blusher: Benefit's Dandelion as a base and layered a few different shades on top to create a bolder eye colour. Benefit's High Beam is on my cheek and brow bones. I didn't want heavy coverage so I've used Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisturiser instead of foundation, which has photographed better than I had anticipated. The shadow used to define my brows is paler than usual as Ellie's brows are fairly blonde and I've elongated mine in a similar fashion. If I was wearing this look for an evening out I'd opt for a set of false lashes; probably something sharp similar to Ellie's. 

I'd be interested to know what you think of pink toned eyeshadows?? 

Have a wonderful evening!

Love Eleanor xxx

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