DIY- recycling Primark clothing

 Hey Guys!

I hope you're all having a wonderful evening! I started learning to meditate this week using the App Headspace- I would highly recommend it. I've been feeling so much more chilled and it's really helped me sleep. Along with this post, that's two of the small lifestyle changes I wanted to make that I've started working on!

So basically I just wanted to do a little post on some alterations I did recently. I actually bought these tops in the Primark sale for about £4 I think. I did obviously like them when I bought them but after I's worn them I found them really unflattering in the way they fitted me. The waist kind of didn't give me the right shape and the elasticated sleeves were too short. So this is the tops before alterations (sorry about the photos, my table is transparent). 

I removed the bottom sections from both tops to create a crop top length. I had to do this with scissors as the fabric was bad quality and just laddered as soon as I tried to unpick seams. 

Buttons- before and after. Fastenings can make a lot of difference to how cheap a garment appears, therefore I changed the buttons on both tops. 

I'm also considering sewing on some of these embellished flowers I cut from an old Wedding Dress that happened to come across me. I might do this another day. What do you think? 

On the white top I used the excess fabric that I had removed to create a gathered trim around the cuffs. I think this is a typical 70's detail, although I'm not completely sure.

On the black top I tapered and shortened the sleeves to just below my elbows and so that they actually fit my arms. I also pulled the fabric tight when taking in the arm seam in order to create a gathered sleeve. 

As I said I did like the tops beforehand but I probably wasn't going to wear them. I think if you have the skills to recycle clothing like this it's definitely worth having a go as so much just gets thrown away.  I also enjoyed getting creative with this which is always a plus!

Thanks for reading!

Love Eleanor xxx 

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