Making things

My first weekend in Aberdeen is over. My mother came to visit me so that I had some to have a wander round with and get my bearings. We also went to the seaside and I have some pictures of this that I might upload... My only reservation right now is that the seagulls around here are pretty terrifying! I also managed to get this pair of shorts put together at some point during the weekend; they actually started life from a pattern for a 'sexy' Halloween dress: who would have guessed it? Anyway as you can see my camera has trouble capturing anything that isn't a close up (I've owned it for nearly 2 years and still not figured out why so I'm starting to think it's broken- if anyone out there knows why this is happening I'd love to know!(except the fact that I might just be stupid)). But yeah I took the close up as due to the blurring it's hard to make out how gathered these are and just how much fabric is involved. I'll be off to Berlin this week so I'll probably do a holiday post soon. 

Love Eleanor xxx

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