Berlin...Summer 2014

Greetings Internet!

I've recently returned from Berlin and as I promised myself, I'm posting some pictures. In reality I took a ridiculous amount of holiday photos 
(I have managed to cut them down to about 200 on my computer) so I didn't want to do a photo overload on my blog. We managed to see so much of Berlin yet I could have spent a month there and still not have seen it all! As can be witnessed here; we saw plenty of street art (an obsession of mine- even though I'm not cool enough to do it myself), the most amazing food selection I've ever ever seen at Ka De We department store, various art galleries and ancient history museums and we even ran into the Gay Pride parade which I was so hoping we would!

I'm just getting myself back to reality now and ready for work tomorrow. My doctor also informed me that I have a mild gluten intolerance shortly before I went away so I'm trying to get used to living gluten free since returning which is pretty challenging. I think I'll do a holiday look book tomorrow evening if I get time so until then.... Goodnight! 

Love Eleanor xxx 

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