Berlin Trip in Clothing

Good Evening Internet!

So as I previously said or wrote (or whatever!) I've put together a little look book of my holiday outfits. Just a few notes though... I did actually have more than one pair of shoes with me but unfortunately my ugly Topshop sandals completely wrecked my feet (which was incredibly sad as I love any sort of ugly footwear so so so much) I will attempt to wear them again but maybe with socks for extra ugliness? I don't know..... Also I look really miserable in most of these pictures so yeah sorry about that but they were the pictures where you could see my clothing best. I'll try to note where I got my everything from as that's what people do in these sort of posts but some of it is like really old (my leather jacket for example is nearly 7 years old!!)

Shirt- Urban Outfitters, T shirt- Primark, Jeans- Zara, Chelsea boots- New Look, Necklace- Primark

Hat- Primark, Jumper, trousers and sandals- Topshop, Bag- Oh my love 
 Leather jacket and dress- Topshop

 Necklace and T shirt- Primark, Watch- Michael Kors 

Dungarees- Marks and Spencer, Vest- Primark, Bag- River Island 

So that's all for now... Goodnight!
Love Eleanor xxx

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