Wednesday, 28 January 2015

teddy bear coat

// Coat, Jumper and Earrings- Topshop/ Trousers- H&M (similar)/ Trainers- New Balance @ JD Sports// 

I don't know what it is about being outdoors and around other people that makes me pull a horrendous bitch face. This day I was so cold though, I had a reason to look miserable! I've tried to pick my least angry looking photos - honest... 
I love these pleather trousers paired with trainers, I get to be comfy AND warm. I throw this teddy bear coat over every outfit right now. It makes me feel like a 70s groupie, Almost Famous style. And no one can go wrong with that.  
Much Love xxx

Monday, 26 January 2015

all that sparkles

Hey Lovelies! I actually got this post together a few weeks ago but am so incredibly unorganized sometimes that I've literally just come across it tonight. About the make up... 
I bought Liquid Metal in the Illamasqua sale just after Christmas and was hoping it would arrive in time for New Year's Eve but it didn't which was kind of rubbish! I do like my sparkles however so I will get use out of it. I was recommended to apply a base coat of powder shadow first as its a very creamy shadow and would crease. I'd also say use a powder on top to set because this creased within about half an hour of wear unfortunately. I was kind of disappointed as apart from this I do really like this product. It's very pigmented, as is everything I have tried from Illamasqua and very easy to apply. I'm going to try and give it another go, probably on a night out and see how that works out.  
I have also used Illamasqua's Sculpting Powder Duo to contour which is why I'm so glittery. My lipstick is MAC Lustre Lipstick in High Tea. 
PS there will be a better photo of this look on my Instagram as my camera takes UGLY front facing photos so feel free to check it out.  

Sunday, 25 January 2015

boy clothes

// Shirt- Urban Outfitters (old)/ Trousers- Topshop (similar)/ Shoes- Zara (similar)/ Bow- Topshop (old) // 

I've seen a few bloggers getting their clip on bows out lately and it reminded me of how much I missed mine. I actually have a small collection of them so you may see them more often in my outfit posts for a while. 
These cigarette trousers have been a favourite of mine since I bought them and I've got to say they are one of the best £22s I've ever spent. I've also taken this opportunity to show off these loafers I bought in the Zara sale, it's still a bit cold to wear them in Scotland right now but my plan is to wear the life out of  them as soon as Spring starts. I can't get over how much I love the huge tracks on them- very man repelling. 
Have a wonderful Sunday! Much Love xxx 

Friday, 23 January 2015

NFL Jersey Lovin'

Topshop Fur Clutch 

Hey Lovelies! As the NFL playoffs are going on, I was asked to come up with a styling idea for a game day outfit. I'm really into my sports luxe (as you may have noticed if you've visited my blog before!) so was more than happy to give this a go.
Now I'm from the UK and don't know a lot about the NFL so I've chosen a Seattle Seahawks jersey mainly because I was looking for something white and green. It's also how I imagined a football jersey should look- if that makes sense to anyone? 
I've layered it over some H&M biker trousers and a striped top. Can we just also appreciate the awesomeness of these shoe boots from Monki.... Some statement accessories and I'd be good to go. I would actually just wear this outfit anyway to be completely honest. 
This jersey can be purchased from the Fanatics page.  They also have the hugest range of NFL jerseys and merchandise I could imagine if you’re looking for something different. I especially like the fact that you can get vintage style pieces. 
For anyone from the US I hope you have a great game day! Much Love xxx

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

weekday dress

// Leather jacket- Topshop (similar)/ Dress- Urban Outfitters/ Boots- Stone Fox/ Fedora- Primark// 

I was feeling in quite an indie mood the other day and thought why not do something with my fedora. This dress is super old from Urban Outfitters but I still really love it for the Summer. I was going to cut the sleeves off but now I look at it again I quite like them. I don't have a lot to tell you otherwise; I have changed rooms in my house for outfit photos as the lighting is way better in my bedroom. Meaning all my furniture has been crowded together in one corner of the room and I can't really open my wardrobes. Now that's sacrifice.  
Much Love xxx 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

that adidas tee

// Coat- Topshop/ T shirt- Adidas/ Skirt- Topshop/ Trainers- Converse @ Office // 

I picked up this fluffy teddy bear coat in Topshop a few days ago. I needed something to combat the ridiculous cold and when I got to the till it scanned at £30 which is kind of awesome. When I wear it it makes me feel like some sort of 70s groupie and that makes me happy. I'm also pretty pleased with myself for finding something to wear this skirt with AGAIN. Although I did swap it out for ripped skinnies when I went out today as I'm not actually crazy. I do love this Adidas t shirt a little too much though.
Have a lovely Sunday! Much Love xxx 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss

Hey Lovelies! I did a little post maybe last week about my Illamasqua sale buys. I've finally got round to doing a make up look using their Intense Lipgloss. Can I just start off by saying I really love this so much. I adore the colour and think it would compliment every skin tone- if something works against my pale skin it's got to be good right?  But it is also intensely pigmented. I got this look from one coat and no base lipstick/ liner. I think they've recently added more shades to their sale so I think I'll be purchasing others- there's a nude and a black I've been eyeing up today. Let me know how you feel about black lips as I'm not sure? 
I have used my Naked Basics palette on my eyes to keep it simple and have Eyelure 155s on my lashes. I've also used Illamasqua's sculpting duo to contour. 
Hope you're having a great weekend! Much Love xxx