Thursday, 26 March 2015

OOTD// A £5 Jumper...

// Jumper- Primark/ Shirt- Urban Outfitters (old)/ Shorts- Boohoo(similar)/ Boots- Stone Fox/ Choker- eBay //

I was recently in Edinburgh and totally underestimated the springtime temperature. Cue an emergency trip to Primark to find something warm. I came across this jumper for only £5- ten years on I'm still amazed EVERY single time I buy something from there. Anyway it reminds me of this jumper I've been trying to steal from my brother for a while now. Well now I have my own. HA. 
Also yes I do wear tights with this outfit but I really don't like the look of them in photos... 
I've just done a really big payday shop so I think I'll do a haul post next week sometime. I would do a video but don't think anyone would understand my accent. 
Much Love xxx 

eleanor's adventures.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Current Favourite // MAC Satin Lipstick in Viva Glam II

Hey Lovelies! I was planning a outfit post for today but I'm just going through one of those 'meh' phases- if that makes any sense? Anyway I thought about what currently makes me happy and rather shallowly I came up with this lipstick. As you can see I've already been using it before I photographed it (I know not very blogger of me- soz). It's my favourite MAC product of the moment as it gives that whole 90's nude look which everyone seems to be going crazy for. I also really adore the satin finished lipsticks; they really work for me as I find them really moisturising but still long lasting. Now I just have the issue of finding a lip liner to compliment. They keep selling out due to the whole Kylie Jenner hype- boo. My friend did manage to get her hands on one recently though so lets keep optimistic. 
Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OOTD // Grey on Grey

// Jacket- Primark/ Crop top- Topshop/ Skirt- H&M (similar)/ Trainers- Adidas// 

Sometimes it just feels good to keep an outfit simple. I like this because it's all neutral tones with a little bit of sportswear- I can't resist my trainers. With any outfit. Literally. 
I picked this crop top up for £3 in the Topshop sale and really wish I'd bought every colour now. It's those sort of sentences that make me realise I might be turning into my mother. Much Love xxx 

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Monday, 16 March 2015


// 1. Starbucks iced maple macchiato eg. my new love
2. Road Trip to Edinburgh! 
3. Blog post all about Sleek MakeUp blushes 
4. Friday night with Lush 
5. 70s inspired outfit on my blog
6. Sidney helping me out //

Hope you've had a great week! Much love xxx

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

OOTD // That 70s Trend

// Shirt- Urban Outfitters (old)/ Flares- Missguided/ Shoes & Sunglasses - Topshop (old)//

Now I don't now if you've noticed but the 70s is literally everywhere right now. It's probably no coincidence that That 70s Show has turned up on Netflix lately- has anybody else been loving binge watching it? Inspired by some of the awesome costumes I've decided to give my flared jeans another go. I still can't say I really like them on me!
I think I'll be channeling my parents' generation with a floppy hat and some paisley mini dresses instead. Oh and this shirt- it's pretty old but surprisingly wearable. What are your favourite S/S 15 trends? 
Happy Sunday! Much Love xxx 

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sleek MakeUp Blush

I've been wanting to give Sleek blushes a go for a while now. I recently did a big make up shop in Boots. I wasn't actually aware anywhere in Aberdeen stocked Sleek but found them in my local store- that's serendipity right?  Although a lot of it was (sadly!) out of stock. I was looking for a did successfully manage to get Rose Gold which is supposedly a dupe for Nars Orgasm. I also picked up one of their Bush by 3 sets in Californ.i.a. 

926 Blush in Rose Gold is a shimmery powder blush which I've read in various reviews is an excellent dupe for Nars Orgasm. I couldn't honestly comment on that but I can say that I absolutely adore this shade for everyday wear. It's incredibly flattering and build-able if you're after a stand out look. Also it retails at £4.49 in Boots- I'll be buying it in several shades... obviously. 

370 Blush by 3 in Californ.i.a are described as intensely pigmented cream blushes. For me, they're a little too vibrant but again if you go for a dramatic look you'll probably like these. They're really nice peachy colours for spring. My most used shade is Newport Peach, which is odd as it's actually the deepest colour in the palette. 

Let me know if you've tried anything from Sleek. What are your favourite high street/ drug store products?  
Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.

Monday, 9 March 2015

OOTD // Striped Bodycon Dress

// Fedora- Primark/ Dress- Topshop (old)/ Coat- Topshop // 

I've been trying to sort out my extensive wardrobe lately. I'm actually currently living out of some boxes which Ikea has rather loosely referred to as storage solutions. You can imagine the difficulties I'm currently facing. I have, however, completed my first ever piece of solo DIY and now have a clothes rail! *Proud smiles* Anyway I came across this dress- it's at least five years old and I still love how it makes me look like a light house when I wear it. 
I also found this fedora for £3 in my local Primark- I think it was a mistake because when I was in Newcastle last week it was definitely still full price. I also picked up some of their high waisted super skinny jeans with ripped knees. I think they're supposed to be a dupe of Topshop Joni jeans. Only the waist is huge so I'm going to have to hope they have a tiny size when I return them. Sad times. 
Much Love xxx 

eleanor's adventures.